3 Tips for an Epic Anchor Statement

Your anchor statement is what you will keep coming back to like your big idea. It’s also the statement you want your listeners to share with their friends and colleagues when they’re asked, “so what was that about?”.

You don’t want them messing up your message with their own version. You would prefer that they share the anchor statement of your message with the same phrase you used and then they can remember the points and ideas that were connected to it.

Here are 3 Tips for making a great anchor point that people won’t forget.


  1. Add their desire and their fear in the statement i.e.

    “When you embrace generosity you don’t have room for scarcity”

  2.  Use a memorable metaphor to explain the anchor statement i.e.

    “When it’s raining on your parade it’s also making your seeds grow”

  3. Use contrasting ideas i.e.

    “If you want to live healthy you’ve got to die to unhealthy”

Try some of these tips next time you’re crafting your main idea or as I call it the “anchor point”. You can use this in your writing too!

The ANCHOR POINT is the thing you keep coming back to. You can share lots of interesting information but people will come back to your anchor point if you make it memorable and mention it multiple times.

Remember this BONUS tip…

The most popular songs in the world have a hook, an anchor line or phrase that they sing most times at least 10-16+ times and we wonder why “that song is stuck in my head!”.  

Have fun making your next ANCHOR LINE MEMORABLE & MEANINGFUL!


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